What is a Critical Incident

A critical (or traumatic) incident is any event outside the usual realm of human experience that is markedly distressing (e.g. evokes reactions of intense fear, helplessness, horror, etc.) Such critical incidents usually involve the perceived threat to one's physical integrity or the physical integrity of someone else. Most importantly, critical incidents are determined by how they undermine a person's sense of safety, security and competency in the world.

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Becoming a member of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Network Ireland

Key Benefits of Membership

  1. Access to a support database in the event of a major emergency (to be clarified by the National Steering Committee)
  2. Access to best practice guidelines in relation to CISM
  3. Reduced attendance fees at CISM Network Ireland conferences and events
  4. Access to the members area of the Network website
  5. Representation on the National Steering Committee (Organisation membership only)

Membership costs

The membership year for CISM Network Ireland runs January to December annually.

  • Organisation Membership: €1500
  • Associate Corporate Membership: €1000
  • Individual Membership: €50
  • Student Membership: €25

For information on membership for voluntary organisations, please email: info@cismnetworkireland.ie

Membership Forms

Select a link below to download the relevant application form

Our Members

The following are a list of the current membership of the network

  • National
    Ambulance Service

    Prison Service

    Red Cross

    Order of Malta


    Defence Forces

    Vhi Corporate

    Dublin Fire


    Irish Coast Guard

    Health Service Executive

    Pre-Hospital Emergency
    Care Council

    State Claims Agency


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