What is Stress?

Stress can mean different things to different people. Stress is often defined as a mismatch between the demands placed on us and our ability to cope with these demands. The way we cope with these demands will depend on the way we think, our personality and our previous life experiences etc.

Stress is difficult to measure, but we all know what it feels like and how we cope in stressful situations. For some, it can threaten to take over their lives while for others, once they are aware of its causes and effects, stress can add excitement and challenge to their lives. It can be positive when it motivates us, however, it can be negative when we feel constantly pressurised or traumatised by too many demands.

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The importance of Help & Support

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Network Ireland believe in the importance in providing resources to those who may be affected by exposure to a critical incident. This page has been desined to provide readers with access to material and resource that may assist individuals in recognising the symptoms of criticial incident stress and dealing with the possible effects they may experience,

Guides and Resources

The following is a list of guides and resources you may find beneficial

  • CISM Network Guide to Stress and Stress Management Download
  • CISM Network Self Help Support Guide Download
  • Critical Incident Stress Management for Emergency Personnel Booklet.

    Due to the popularity of this booklet, the Network have made a second order with the publishers and the second edition is now available to purchaseMore information

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